Gunupur College


Vision: To promote qualitative value based application oriented courses to cope with the changes of modern time for the betterment of students and society.

Mission:To give qualitative education, building Nobel character and preparing the learners to serve society.

THE COLLEGE CREST: The college crest embodies the motto “ TamasomaJyotirgamaya” meaning “ Lead me from darkness to light” The temple at the center of the crest symboliises the ancient glory of Buddhism at “Jagamanda” a village fourteen miles north to GUNUPUR. The lamp and the book at the base stand as the eternal symbols of knowledge and light. The sixty four leaves around the crest symbolize“ ChautursasthiKalas”. The name of the College is inscribed in English in the upper circle of the crest.


The college started functioning on the 2nd July 1973, thanks to the benevolence and sacrifice shown by the local people. We have nothing to offer them in response for their philanthropic endeavor except remembering them to-day; as the pioneers of a great social cause and an ad infinitum source of inspiration & unfathomable admiration of Humanity. The college was affiliated to Berhampur University in August 1974. Subsequently, the Education Department, Government of Odisha, accorded recognition to the college on 11-11-1974. The college imparts education in Arts, Science and Commerce streams at +3 level. In 1974-75, affiliation was granted to I.A. Course and that for I. Sc. During 1981-82 in 1976-77. The 1st year Degree course started and affiliation to the same was granted in 1976-77. In 1979-80 affiliation was granted to start Honours Courses in History, IRPM, Economics and Commerce. Thus after initial hurdles, the institute has blossomed into full-fledged College. The college has well maintained Hostels to cater to the accommodation of outstationstudents, both Boys and Girls amid disciplined, amiable and RAGGING-FREE ENVIRONMENT. The faculty members, the students the Governing body and the conscious public over the years have contributed in their humble capacities to uphold the academic dignity of the college. Many meritorious students have excelled well by dint of their academic achievements, which brought glory to the College. The college has also carved a significant niche for itself in the area of sports and games. The College has been accredited as a B+ degree College by NAAC(UGC) during 2006-07. The college today strives with new zeal and vigour to maintain its rich tradition and glory.

LOCATION:The college is located at the eastern part of Gunupur town on a site gifted by Sri Narasingha Gouda of Alada and Sri.Laxmi Narayan Patro of Srijholi. The College is nestled in the shade of Pragnya Hills. Below it, stretches the vast undulating plain and the Vamsadhara river curls its way to hug the land like a silver girdle. The embellished elegance of the place begins to weave a spell and the wild lonesomeness imparts a piercing effect, a calming experience. The academic atmosphere is further heightened with the symphony of the ringing bells of Lord Ganesh and Shiva and the radiant light that emanates from the lamps of Rameswar Temple atthe hill-top. The earth colours itself according to seasons and the air is alive with fresh exotic fragrance. The Sephali and Aruna Trees lap their fronds and rustle with passing wind. The serene, calm nature scenery around the college makes one peep into what in integral to life.

Gunupur College
Gunupur – 765 022
Dist. – Rayagada (Orissa )
Phone No. – 06857 250 069