Bhairabi Junior College, Purunakatak

. Aims & Objectives of the Organization:

Bhairabi junior College, Purunakatak, Boudh

a) Disseminating quality and value based integral education.
b) Fostering the latent potentialities of the students with special stress on physical and mental fitness.
c) Awakening the intellectual, moral & spiritual awareness of the budding learners and guiding them to blossom in to healthy and whole some personalities.
d) Catering to the crying needs of the poor and economically backward students of the locality and enabling them to meet the challenges of life with unwavering commitment and spiritual conviction.

2. History & Background of Its Establishment:

Nestled in a magnificently panoramic landscape of lush corn fields and luxuriant greenery in the culturally opulent and historically vibrant ambience of Purunakatak, the abode of Maa Bhairabi embodies the lofty and long cherished longings and sublime aspirations of its far-sighted founders for lighting up the lives of the locality with the effulgence of quality & value based integral education.

3. Functions & Duties:

This College has one stream (Arts).

The key to success of our students is:-

a) Healthy and congenial atmosphere of the college.
b) Good relationship between the teacher and the taught.
c) The noble teaching concept of share and care.
d) Exposure of students to books.
e) Up-to-date athletic guidance.

4. Working Hours Both for Office & Public:

The Normal Working Hours of the Colleges is 10.00 A.M to 04.00 P.M.

5. Postal Address of the College:

Bhairabi junior College, Purunakatak
At/Po:- Purunakatak.
Dist:- Boudh (762013)

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