DAV Public School, CDA, Cuttack, Odisha

D.A.V. Public School, CDA, Cuttack, the very name conjures up the vision of an institution dedicated to realize Swami Dayananda’s ideal. Since its inception in 1990 it has now acquired tremendous growth with nearly 5,300 students from Pre-Nursery to Senior Secondary level distributed in 109 sections. Our workforce comprises of 154 teaching staff, 45 non-teaching members and 23 employees in transport facility system. The majestic structure of its building proudly stands erect on a land of 4 acres in Abhinav Bidanasi amidst halcyon surroundings, far from the madding crowd of the city.

In a short span of time it made a quantum leap and made a phenomenal progress. The school has become an institution to be reckoned with. It has not only carved a niche for itself but also enjoys great renown of its own. It is directly managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi. The school is endorsed with infrastructure essential for an ideal learning environment. All the class rooms are spacious, airy, lighted and well ventilated. They are also fitted with close circuit cameras for the close monitoring of the class activities. It is an institution where students are not only getting quality education but an all round grooming of their mind, body and soul. Since the inception of the school, our students have been very actively participating in various curricular & co-curricular activities and winning laurels at Zonal, State and National levels.

Students are the integral threads of our social weave. The stronger our threads, the more vibrant and strong is our society. This is why we focus on sensitizing our students with the contemporarily human issues and imbibing in them a human approach and out look. Our children time and again reach out to the under privileged brethren of the society on many occasions. One of them being “Joy of Giving Week” under which they visit many orphanages, arrange community lunches and identify areas where they heed help, thus grooming them into more humane and sensitive citizens.

Trying to fulfill swami Dayananda’s vision of being rooted to Indian Culture, yet keeping one’s mind open to global thoughts && innovations, we ensure that our children keep in touch with certain Vedic practices like performing HAVANS.

To satiate the inquisitive temperament of our students, Mathematics, Science & English seminars are conducted by the them. They are guided to prepare power point presentations. Their presentations are judged by a panel of judges who decide the best presentation. This activity has proved to be instrumental in arousing the Zeal, enthusiasm and creativity of our students. It helps them get rid of stage fear and infuse in them confidence and courage to communicate effectively. This helps them when they enter various technical institutions where such presentations are a part and parcel of the curriculum.

A House System is followed in the school in a loose imitation of democratic hierarchy. Head Boys and Head Girls are the leaders of the Cabinet. This cabinet comprises of Captains, Vice – Captains & Prefects selected from various houses. Every child from Class-IV onwards belongs to any one of the four houses viz. RIG HOUSE, YAJUR HOUSE, SAMA HOUSE & ATHARVA HOUSE. It inculcates in the children a sense of discipline, responsibility & belongingness to ensure optimism environment. Various competitions are organized on inter house basis to keep alive the spirit of healthy competition.

The dedicated faculties of DAV, CDA is committed to keep on serving for this noble cause of education today and tomorrow with utmost sensitivity & with a futuristic vision.


DAV Public School, Sector-VI, CDA, Cuttack has made a phenomenal progress in a very short span of time. Desire, motivation, determination & commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our goal – a commitment to excellence has enabled us to attain the success we sought. The massive infrastructure and the splendid facilities rendered here provides an excellent ambience to make this teaching learning process fruitful.


Our school library exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small group as well as individuals with a focus on intellectual content, information and the learner. It is a big spacious air conditioned hall equipped with a huge collection of books on various subjects which help to promote the reading habit of the students. It also subscribes several reference books, magazines, journals and periodicals to expand and update the outlook of the students.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory is a spacious Lecture-cum-Laboratory hall that can accommodate 25-30 students at a time. The laboratory is adequately equipped with the latest apparatus, equipments and gadgets catering to the +2 syllabus where students carry out their experiments in an innovative environment.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory is a well ventilated workshop which is fully equipped with the basic measuring and analytical laboratory apparatus that allows a good study of all the branches of chemistry and help the students acquire the skills of various laboratory techniques. All experiments are performed strictly adhering to all safety norms and only under the supervision of a Laboratory instructor and a teacher.

Biology Laboratory

To provide the first hand knowledge to the students about the subject, the biology laboratory is well furnished with all required specimens, working models and charts to make a thorough study of the world of flora and fauna which helps to quench the curiosity, inquisitiveness and analysis. It helps students acquire necessary skill and confidence in an innovative environment.

Computer Laboratory

It is needless to say that computers are an integral part of our lives. Because of explosion of knowledge and information technology, the school has kept pace with changing times by providing techno-savvy Computer Laboratory and help the students familiarize themselves with constant computer usage. It also helps them use computers as a tool for education. Around 100 computers with 24 hour Internet facility and access to video-conferencing cater to the needs of the students. All the members of the teaching staff are computer literates to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of education.

Health Care Unit

Health and hygiene of our students is well prioritized by the school to cater to the immediate needs relevant to the aforesaid objective. This miniature dispensary is well equipped & furnished with sick beds, oxygen cylinders and all other necessary accessories related to first aid medication. A team of experienced & trained teachers is persistently running this unit.

Science Park

To popularize “Play way teaching and learning methodology” in the field of science, the science park in DAV has been set up. This is an innovative concept of teaching the basis of Science in an informal way. It has well designed gadgets to nurture knowledge with amusement. Each gadget is installed with an explanation about how to play / operate the gadget. The various concepts of science have been beautifully demonstrated, that kindles young minds for their future.

Children’s Park

Entertainment & recreation are necessary for healthy physical & mental growth of children. Children in the lap of nature learn to appreciate & admire the beauty of nature and preserve its greenery & tranquility. The well equipped children’s park helps to attain this goal of ours.


The school playground having an enclosure of 2 acres of green land is instrumental in providing a conducive atmosphere to the children. It is no less than a wonderland for our children who experience a unique joy of freedom in their leisure and games period. The cool refreshing breeze of nature squashes the mind of the children, rejuvenating their energy and vitality.

Music and Dance Room

Music is the food of the soul. It is the source of solace and upliftment. Vocal music training is given to the students and are taught to use various instruments. Classical, folk and contemporary dances are taught in the school.

Art and Craft Room

School has a well decorated and an excellent art and craft department so that students feel comfortable to express their creative sense through their work. The Fine Art room provides a perfect ambience to the students to enhance their aesthetic sense.

Audio Visual Hall

School has a fully air conditioned audio visual hall and has a seating capacity of about 200 people. It has latest audio video system and other facilities required to hold conferences and meetings.


School strongly believes in a saying – “A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind”. Sports activities in school are carried out throughout the year since physical education forms an integral part of the curriculum. It is taught both in classrooms and in the field as per the sports calendar of the school. The playground of 2 acres is busy throughout the year to offer the students ample opportunities for a healthy physical growth and refreshment. On every Saturday except 2nd Saturday, Inter House game competitions are conducted after classes are over.

  • The school takes pride in appending a new and innovative sport Sepak Takraw to arouse the curiosity & zeal of the sports enthusiasts. It is taking special interest in providing free coaching to the students to popularize the sport and infuse confidence in them. The students are grouped according to their age as per the guideline of grouping of MHART Sports Authority of India / District Sports association.

The students from Std.-I onwards can participate in three events of their groups selecting maximum two from any of the two categories of events (either Track or Field).

  • “Catch them young” so do we by providing special coaching to the students for Football, Volleyball, badminton, Table tennis, karate, Kabaddi, kho-Kho from 4:0 p.m to 5:30 p.m everyday.


School takes pride in its NCC wing that runs full-fledged. It aims at developing character, Comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service among the youth.

Scouts and Guide

Our Scouts & Guide Troops have been functioning actively since 1995 with a high motto – be prepared to face the obstacles of life. This can be achieved by being physically strong, mentally alert and morally sound. Presently 3 units each in Scouts & Guide have been registered.


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